Wednesday, July 30, 2008

We are Burmese, if you please...

Today I went back to my Burmese family's house.  I got to meet one of the family members I didn't get to meet on moving day, so now I know the whole family, but I'm still working on trying to memorize everyone's names.  At the house, everyone was downstairs, I thought, and then I thought I heard something upstairs.  So I go upstairs, and hear music.  I put my ear to the door because I couldn't tell if it was the radio or someone actually singing.  So I knock on the door, and one of the kids opens the door with a guitar in his hands and some sweet sunglasses.  He was playing the guitar, singing in English.  I didn't know he knew so much English, and I asked him if he wanted to work as a musician someday, and he said yes.  I thought that was the coolest thing, especially since he had his sunglasses on like he was already some famous musician, and I guess he's already got paparazzi with a camera around:)    

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